If you are one of those who like to organize with a ring binder agenda or need to make a gift to someone who uses this method, with this pack as a gift you will be sure.

The ring binder incorporates 6 rings for a better hold of the sheets. The rings are opened automatically by pressing the ends and closed manually by pressing the rings together..

This pack also includes the agenda inserts that you need to plan your day to day, as well as a Stapled Omega notebook for the Shopping List and an A5 Stapled Omega notebook to let your imagination run wild. The notebooks with Omega Staples allow them to be included inside the ring binder, and thus have everything together in one place.

*The Ring Binder is available in 3 different colors*

The omega staple notebook is available in 4 different colors and 4 different interior styles (plain, pattern, grid, and dot grid). It will be randomly chosen, but if you want a specific color and / or interior, let us know and we will change it without problem.


· The pack includes: 1 A5 Personal Planner Ring Binder, 1 A5 Omega Stapled notebook (color and interior randomly chosen, contains 64 pages), 1 Omega Stapled notebook Shopping List (contains 26 micro-perforated sheets), 1 set of Dividers and Stickers, and the following Agenda Inserts: 1 Monthly Planner (Calendar 22-23, contains 32 pages), 1 Weekly Planner Full Week (22-23, contains 108 pages), 1 To Do’s Lists (contains 60 pages), 1 Meeting Notes (contains 60 pages), 1 Schedule ( contains 16 pages), 1 Meal Planner (contains 60 pages) and 1 Project Planner (contains 42 pages)
· Ring Binder size: 19x24x4,5cm
· Agenda Inserts size: 15,5x21cm
· Dividers size: 16,5x21cm
· A5 Omega Stapled notebook size: 14,8x21cm
· Shopping List Omega Stapled notebook size: 7,5x21cm
· Made in Spain


· Covers: 30% Post-consumer recycled waste / 70% FSC certified paper (PVC-free)
· Interior: 100% Recycled Paper


· Covers: 100% Recycled Cardboard
· Interior: 100% Recycled Paper


· Covers: 100% Recycled Cardboard
· Interior: 100% Recycled Paper


· 295gr sugar cane cardboard and 1 sheet with 24 stickers, made of recycled adhesive paper


· 90gr 100% recycled paper

  • El pack incluye: 1 Archivador A5, 1 Libreta grapa omega A5 (color e interior sorpresa, contiene 64 páginas), 1 Libreta grapa omega lista de la compra (contiene 26 hojas microperforadas), 1 juego de separadores y adhesivos, y los siguientes recambios de anillas

  • 1 Planificador mensual (Calendario 2023, contiene 32 páginas), 1 Agenda a semana vista (2023, contiene 108 páginas), 1 Tareas (contiene 60 páginas), 1 Notas de reuniones (contiene 60 páginas), 1 Horario (contiene 16 páginas), 1 Organizador de menús (contiene 60 páginas) y 1 Planificador de proyectos (contiene 42 páginas)

  • Hecho en España

  • Cubiertas archivador: 30% Residuos reciclados post consumo / 70% Papel certificado FSC (sin PVC)

  • Interior archivador: 100% Papel reciclado

  • Cubiertas libreta: 100% Cartulina reciclada

  • Interior libreta: 100% Papel reciclado

  • Cubiertas lista de compra: 100% Cartulina reciclada

  • Interior lista de compra: 100% Papel reciclado

  • Separadores: Cartulina de 295gr de caña de azúcar y 1 hoja con 24 pegatinas, hecha de papel adhesivo reciclado

  • Recambios: Papel de 90gr 100% reciclado

  • Medidas Archivador: 19x24x4,5cm

  • Medidas Recambios: 15,5x21cm

  • Medidas Separadores: 16,5x21cm

  • Medidas Libreta Grapa Omega A5: 14,8x21cm

  • Medidas Lista de la Compra Libreta Grapa Omega: 7,5x21cm

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