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Are you an avid reader? Then our sustainable Book Journal will take pride of place on the shelf next to your favorite books.

A unique Book Journal to write down your personal comments and reviews about books, and so you can have them all collected in one place. It will become your own personalized book guide.

The Book Journal contains 8 sections, 4 of which allow you to write down your comments and opinions about books, organized in alphabetical order. Altogether, there is space for 220 different book reviews. Moreover, it includes a section with space to make your own list of books to be read and a yearly calendar to review and track your readings.

The cover is made out of a leather-like material, PVC-free, which comes from post-consumer recycled waste. Interior pages are made from 100% recycled paper. And it includes 3 bookmark ribbons which are made from 100% recycled polyester (from PET bottles removed from oceans and seas).

A unique gift, made in Spain, for every avid reader.


1. OVERVIEW: 5 yearly calendars to write down your reading-related activities and events and 5 yearly calendars to track your books read.
2. TO READ: Books to be read list.
3. A-F: Book reviews (books from A to F).
4. G-M: Book reviews (books from G to M).
5. N-T: Book reviews (books from N to T).
6. U-Z: Book reviews (books from U to Z).
7. BOOK LISTS: 20 genre-ordered list of your favorite books linked through an index with your opinion pages.
8. NOTES: 4 lists to write down your borrowed and lent books, space for general notes and contact agenda.


· Book Journal of 14,5x21cm size
· 304 Pages
· Contains 8 tabs
· 3 Bookmark ribbons
· Interior paper of 80gr
· Soft covers lined with a PVC-free leather-like material which maintains leather touch and appearance.
· Language: English
· Manufactured in Spain


· Covers: 30% post-consumer recycled waste / 70% FSC-certified paper (PVC-free)
· Interior: 100% recycled paper
· Bookmark ribbons: 100% recycled polyester (from PET bottles removed from oceans and seas)