Gift Card

Can't decide the gift or would you rather prefer to let that person choose the products that will better help organize its day-to-day?

Our gift card becomes the perfect solution. You only need to choose the amount of money you want to include on the gift card, and once your order is confirmed, you will receive it on your email in just a few seconds.

*This is a digital gift card. You will receive it on your email, NOT a physical card.*

Terms & Conditions
· No expiration date
· To be used to purchases the holder wishes to make until the balance of the same runs out
· Once you get your gift card, you will need to introduce the code received by email on the payment page at the check out
·This gift card is only valid for purchases at our website

· La tarjeta no caduca;
· Se puede utilizar en tantas compras como se dese, hasta agotar su saldo;
· Una vez obtenida la tarjeta, para utilizarla, se deberá introducir el código recibido en el correo electrónico, en la pantalla de pago al finalizar el pedido;
· Tarjeta válida solo para compras en nuestra página web

Se trata de una tarjeta en formato digital, que se recibirá en el correo electrónico, no es una tarjeta física.

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