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This 50-card pack is perfect for increasing your recipe collection.

Cards are made out of stone paper, the most sustainable paper of the moment. Made out of minerals and non-toxic resins and without any bleaches, acids, water or trees. This gives the cards an important feature for a perfect recipe card: it is completely waterproof. It can be washed with water and soap while you can perfectly write on it with pencil or pen.

The recipe cards include a standard structured and detailed template, so you can write down every little aspect of your recipe: directions ingredients, preparation and cooking time, allergens information, difficulty level, for how many people, if you need special accessories to cook, if it is vegan or vegetarian, the recipe origin and any other additional comment.

*Recipe cards can be chosen in English or Spanish*


· 50 Stone paper recipe cards of 11x16cm

· Language: English or Spanish

· Made in Spain


Stone Paper of 420gr · Made out of 80% mineral and 20% non-toxic resins. Without any bleaches, acids, water or trees. It is completely waterproof and can be washed with water and soap.