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If your love traveling or do you need to make a present to someone who loves traveling, then this gift pack will be the best choice.

It includes a Travel Journal that contains 8 sections, 4 of which allow you to comment on each trip category: Day, Weekend, Short and Long. For each category, you will find a structured template to include all the relevant information of each trip: destination, transport, date, with whom you will enjoy the adventure, travel guides and blogs you read, main to-do’s and the most important things not to miss out. Then, an extensive space to jot down your personal experiences, feelings and comments of every place you visit. As for the trips longer than 1-day trips, it includes structured templates to plan ahead everything you will need: itinerary, places to stay, daily transport, packing list and budget control.

This gift pack also includes a Photo Album, handcrafted in a traditional manner, allowing pages to absorb the thickness of the photos so the album can be always properly closed. It also includes protective pages to preserve your photos and make them last forever.

The Photo Album is available in 3 different colors.


· This pack includes: 1 Travel Journal (contains 304 pages) and 1 Photo Album (contains 50 pages / 25 sheets)
· Travel Journal size: 14,5x21cm
· Photo Album size: 25x25cm
· Photo Album pages size: 20x24,5cm (about 2 horizontal photos of 11x15cm)
· Made in Spain


· Covers: 100% PIÑATEX · 72% Pineapple leaf fiber / 18% PLA / 10% PU
· Interior: 100% recycled paper
· Bookmark ribbons: 100% Recycled polyester (from PET bottles removed from oceans and seas)
· Elastic closure band: 60% Organic cotton / 40% Natural rubber


· Covers: 37% Recycled polyester (from PET bottles removed from oceans and seas) / 25% Recycled cotton / 19% Recycled polyester / 19% Linen
· Protective Paper: Neutral PH, acid free and chlorine-free
· Interior Paper: FSC certified paper of 250gr with damaging algal blooms of the Venice lagoon